5 Tips to Get Pregnant Faster!

Trying to get pregnant for quite some time?

Once you’ve made that decision to start a family, you probably don’t want to wait, right? The key to getting pregnant is not just about having sex in a planned way, but also about building the right environment around you. If you keep in mind some important facts and few smart tips to get pregnant, it will be a lesser herculean task for both of you. Here is your guide on how to get pregnant fast and how to boost your chances to conceive quickly. Read on:

1. Healthy habits ensure a strong foundation:

  • Exercise to strengthen yourself: Besides maintaining a healthy and ideal weight, regular exercise is a must for good health and your overall well-being. However, too much exercising can also cause you not to ovulate properly, so do it in moderation.
  • Healthy and balanced diet: Food and nutrition is directly linked to fertility. Always stick to a balanced diet and choose healthy options. Vitamins & Folic Acid are wonder foods for boosting fertility and helping you get pregnant faster. Include foods like vegetables, broccoli, banana, soybean, tomatoes, dry fruits which are high in folic acid and vitamins.
  • Cut back your alcohol intake: While an occasional glass of wine isn’t going to affect your fertility, it would be better if you skip alcohol while you are trying to conceive. No amount of alcohol is considered safe to consume when you and your spouse are trying for a conception.

2. Plan a pre-pregnancy check-up:

Do you remember when you visited your gynaecologist last? Before planning a pregnancy, you should go for a complete check-up. Your doctor will suggest prenatal vitamins like folic acid that increase your chances of conception and also protect against certain birth defects. In addition, if you have ongoing medical issues, then you must make sure that everything is under control before you start to think of a pregnancy.

3. Know your cycle and your peak fertile days:

There are only a few fertile days every cycle when you can get pregnant. However, only 1 in every 2 couples trying to conceive are unaware of their fertile days. Tracking your ovulation with a reliable device every cycle and planning your intercourse accordingly can significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

4. Get rid of stress and anxiety:

Stress affects your chances of getting pregnant by reducing the release of fertility hormones and suppressing ovulation when it becomes chronic. Starting a family requires time and patience. Fretting about it and staying anxious isn’t good for fertility and ovulation. Social pressures can often be overwhelming. As a couple, both of you should learn how to deal with the nagging questions thrown at you by friends and relatives. Apart from this, yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises help immensely in keeping your mind stress free and boosting your fertility.

5. Having regular sex during the fertile days

Contrary to the popular belief, it’s not necessary to do sex every day to get pregnant fast. Having sex every day doesn’t allow the sperm to build up. Use a fertility monitor that suggests the 6 days when you are most fertile. If you make a sexual contact every alternate day during high fertility days and every day during peak fertility, it maximises your chances to conceive.

Fertility Monitor – A stress free method to conceive!

A fertility monitor is a home device that lets you find your ovulation time, by measuring the levels of the two hormones that control your ovulation.

  • It is proven to increase your chances of conception by up to 89%.
  • Predicts 6 most fertile days specific to your body by measuring Estrogen and Luteinizing Hormone in urine.
  • The results shown by a Fertility Monitor are accurate and easy to interpret.
  • It is convenient and portable - unlike tests & scans, you don’t need to go to the lab multiple times every month.
  • Fertility Monitors track your cycles even if they are irregular.

Inito Fertility Monitor - a smartphone connected, ovulation tracking device that helps you identify up to 6 fertile days of your cycle. Inito Fertility Monitor, comes with the Inito App and the Test strips making it easy, stress-free and convenient to track your cycle without stepping out of your home. Inito’s technology is proven to increase your chances of conception naturally by 89%.

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Written by Josephine Joseph
On November 23, 2017