Fertility Monitor vs. Ovulation Kits – Find out what is best for getting pregnant!

Planning for a baby is one of the most intimate and joyous journeys that a couple embarks on together. As much as you feel ready to take this momentous step, most couples take at least 4 to 6 months of trying before they succeed. It is a well-proven fact that you can get pregnant only during a few days every cycle. Hence, the secret to a positive pregnancy lies in the timing of the intercourse. And the obvious question is ‘when is the right time’?

The specific three to four days, which lead to your ovulation, are your most fertile days, and the chance of conceiving is the maximum during this period. However, not every cycle is the same and the ovulation time varies between every woman & every cycle.

Research shows that almost 46% menstrual cycles vary by seven or more days and are controlled by your hormone levels. Measuring your key fertility hormones - Luteinizing Hormone (LH) & Estrogen (E3G) is one of the most accurate ways to track ovulation. A clear understanding of your Fertile days will take you closer to your dream of having a baby.

The two most common ways of identifying your fertile days are - Fertility Monitors & Ovulation Kits. Fertility Monitors, though slightly expensive, offer significantly more accurate and error free results when compared to Ovulation Kits

Key advantages of Fertility Monitors over Ovulation Predicting Kits (OPK)

1) Identifies all your Fertile Days:

While OPK measures only LH surge, Fertility Monitors work by measuring two fertility hormones, Estrogen & Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in urine. Thus, an OPK may indicate one or at the most 2 maximum fertile days but Fertility Monitors gives you a window of 6 fertile days, almost 3 times more than an OPK, increasing your chances of conception by 89%.

2) No confusing faint or faded lines:

Ovulation Kits often give light or faint lines, leading to a big confusion while reading the LH surge. This is because the amount of LH produced may not be enough for the ovulation kit to detect. Fertility Monitors on the other hand measure Estrogen (E3G) in addition to LH, allowing them to identify the fertile window even when LH is low. The Inito Fertility Monitor gives clear, digitised and error free results on the mobile screen as Low, Peak or High Fertility, which a test-taker can easily read and interpret.

3) Works well even with Irregular Cycles:

Unlike an Ovulation Predicting Kit, Fertility Monitors work well even when the cycles are not regular. Its unique algorithm adapts to the hormone changes specific to your body and the results are displayed clearly in the easy-to-use Inito app.

4) Automatically suggests you when to take tests:

The super smart Inito App automatically reminds you when to take the tests. It adjusts the test days according to your hormone level variations and gives you a notification in the morning. If your cycle length varies from cycle to cycle and Fertility Monitor sees that your hormones have not risen yet, it will automatically suggest taking additional tests.

Fertility Monitors are proven to increase your chances of conception by over 89%. It comes with the Inito App and the Test strips, making it easy and convenient to track your cycle without stepping out of your home. Eliminate uncertainty, stress, confusion, and fear by using the Inito Fertility Monitor and take control of your fertility.

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Written by Josephine Joseph
On October 31, 2017