Getting pregnant faster with the Inito Fertility Monitor

Now that you know that tracking ovulation and having sex on the fertile days is key faster pregnancy, here is how Inito can help. Our team of doctors, engineers and scientists developed the Inito Fertility Monitor that lets you track your ovulation at home and maximize your chances of getting pregnant. It works on our patented technology that allows you to measure the levels of the two key fertility hormones at home without going to the lab.

It comes with the award winning Inito device, disposable urine test strips and the App that:

• Suggests the 6 most fertile days specific to your body by measuring Estrogen & Luteinizing Hormone in urine
• Shows results in the App as Low, High or Peak Fertility in just 5 mins saving you hours of traveling, waiting and worrying in the scan centre.
• Tells you when to take tests and gives clear instructions so that you can get rid of the anxiety and spend a good time with your partner.

With the Inito Fertility Monitor, you not just get a device that is validated and tested by doctors all over the country, but also the support of a Clinical Specialist who will help you in case you have any doubts or difficulty using the device.

So go ahead, get the Inito Fertility Monitor and maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

Written by Josephine Joseph
On May 14, 2018