How to get pregnant faster

Planning a baby is one of the biggest steps in a couple’s life and you want the process to go stress-free and right. The following tips will helps you get pregnant faster and achieve your bundle of joy.

1. Let go of your Stress and Worries.

Stress can affect the chances of getting pregnant by reducing the release of fertility hormones and even suppressing ovulation in chronic stress. So, every time relatives, parents and friends ask for the good news, don’t get anxious. Try some yoga and meditation which will help you to get through the journey of trying to get pregnant in much relaxed way.

2. Incorporate foods rich in Vitamins and Folic Acid in your diet.

Vitamins & Folic Acid are wonder foods for boosting fertility and helping you get pregnant faster. Include foods like vegetables, broccoli, banana, soybean, tomatoes, dry fruits which are high in folic acid and vitamins.

3. Achieve A Healthy Body Weight.

If you're overweight or obese, it could take you twice as long to get pregnant as it would for a woman of normal weight. If you're underweight, it could take you four times as long. Talk to your doctor about an exercise regimen that will help you to achieve a normal Body Mass Index (BMI).

4. Find Out Your Fertile Days.

You can get pregnant only during the 6 fertile days leading upto the day of ovulation. Use a fertility monitor that suggests the 6 days when you are most fertile. Fertility Monitors that measure two hormones are proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant by 89%. Learn more about Inito Fertility Monitor.

5. Have sex regularly.

Have sex every alternate day in the High fertile days and everyday during the Peak fertile days. A fertility monitor can help you know the high and peak fertile days to help you maximise your chances of getting pregnant.

Written by Josephine Joseph
On November 01, 2017