Why do you need a Fertility Monitor?

There is no experience that comes close to that of having another life coming into this world because of you. Having a baby is possibly the most joyful and invigorating experience a couple is ever going to have together.

Pregnancy is a blessing and a miracle. There is magic in the process of creating new life from a single cell. But the process of trying to conceive might not always be what you perceive it to be. There are several issues that negatively affect the chances of conception – being over or under weight, thyroid issues, stressful lifestyle, diabetes, PCOD/PCOS, hypertension etc.

A delay in conceiving often leads to unwanted stress. The added pressure does not help, and it can often lead to frustration and disappointment when you see the pregnancy test come negative again and again and again. Women often fall into self-doubt and it starts affecting their psyche too.

At times like these, it is very important to not feel disheartened because it will take a toll on your mental health too. It is a known fact that on an average, it takes a normal couple a year to conceive successfully and experience the joy of pregnancy and childbirth.

Timing is key, when it comes to trying to conceive.

Most often women face problems in conceiving because they do not have an accurate understanding and knowledge of their body’s variations in ovulation cycle.
Did you know that 1 in 2 couples pinpoint their fertile days incorrectly which is extremely important to getting pregnant?

A Fertility Monitor is the smartest way to track your fertile days at home.

You can get reliable and accurate information about your hormones and know your golden fertility window to try to conceive. This is the phase when a mature egg leaves the ovary and enters the fallopian tubes waiting to meet the sperm.

Benefits of using a Fertility Monitor:

  • Identifies all Fertile Days:

Fertility Monitors help you increase the possibility of conception by recognising and predicting your 6 most fertile days. These non-invasive devices give you accurate and reliable information based on your body’s hormonal changes.

  • Tracks Irregular Cycles too:

Even if you have irregular cycles, you can accurately monitor your fertile period. A good Fertility Monitor adapts itself to your cycle and gives accurate results each time.

  • Clear and Accurate results:

A Fertility Monitor gives clear and digitised results even when the LH levels are low, as opposed to the other methods of ovulation tracking. According to research, Fertility Monitors are about 99% accurate, when you need to detect the LH surge that usually happens before ovulation.

  • Reminds you every time:

Fertility monitor is a smart device that automatically reminds you when to take the tests. It will take most of the worry of calculating off your heads. You can make it fun too - planning a day out to enjoy each other’s company, before you start the actual process, to ease your nerves.

Maximise your chances of conception with a Fertility Monitor

Inito Fertility Monitor
Inito Fertility Monitor

Pregnancy is a glorious and beautiful time in a couple’s lives, and you should look forward to it with happiness, not under the added stress you take upon yourself when you’re trying to get pregnant. When you take advantage of modern aids like Fertility Monitors, your chances of getting pregnant are maximized.

In fact, according to a recent study by the medical journal Fertility and Sterility, the research concluded that the women who use Fertility Monitors have 89% higher chance of getting pregnant when compared to the control group in the first two cycles of use. Isn’t that a blessing amidst the stress of trying hard for a baby?

While you are trying to get pregnant, remember to take care of yourself and your partner too - it can be quite stressful if you try too hard. Spend quality time with each other, and as always, communication is key. Performance issues are often experienced in situations like these, so it is good to be each other’s support and have fun together.

Also, remember that apart from monitoring your cycle with the help of fertility monitors, there are other things you should be concentrating on as well, like managing both your lifestyles without stress and eating healthy food.

Happy conceiving!

Written by Josephine Joseph
On November 01, 2017