Getting Pregnant with Irregular periods - How to conceive faster!

After you’ve made the beautiful decision to bring another life into your world, the next step is to start preparing yourself for conception. However, when your periods are irregular, you already have this question in your mind even before considering a pregnancy - “How can I get pregnant, with my irregular cycles?”

Irregular periods are menstrual cycles that vary significantly between every cycle. They are more common than you think! Studies prove that 46% of menstrual cycles vary by seven or more days making it tough for women to accurately predict their fertile days during each cycle. This hampers there chances of getting pregnant and can cause significant stress and anxiety.

We jot down a few things you could do to get pregnant faster with irregular periods.

1. Track your fertile days
You can get pregnant only during a few days every cycle. However, with irregular cycles, it is quite challenging to figure out the fertile days, as ovulation doesn’t really happen at the same time each month. Fertility Monitors can track your fertile days at home by detecting both Estrogen & Luteinizing Hormone in urine. They can suggest upto 6 fertile days every cycle specific to your body taking into account your cycle irregularities.

2. Balanced Diet
A lot of hormonal and fertility issues can be tackled with the right mix of nutrition and multivitamin supplements. Always stick to a balanced diet and choose healthy options. Vitamins & Folic Acid are wonder foods for boosting fertility and helping you get pregnant faster. Include foods like vegetables, cabbage, banana, soybean, tomatoes, dry fruits which are high in folic acid and vitamins.

3. Physical Activities
Regular exercise is pretty good for your health, but even better when you are trying to conceive. Moderate physical activities like a brisk walk, yoga, and cycling help in reducing the hormonal imbalance which is the primary cause of irregular cycles. If you are oveweight, losing only 5% of body weight can improve your chances of getting pregnant.

4. Decrease Stress, Increase Sleep
Stress and sleep deprivation can mess with your cycle making you more prone to infertility. There’s a strong link between your emotions and your cycle, therefore, relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga go a long way in calming your nerves. A slight alteration in work hours and few lifestyle changes can also do wonders for regularising your cycle and optimising fertility.

5. Sex during the fertile window
While many people suggest having ample sex is the key to getting pregnant faster, having too much of it is also not ideal. Having sex every alternate day during your 5-6 fertile days is perfect even when you have irregular periods. Fertility Monitors are proven to increase chances of conception by upto 89%, especially when cycles are irregular.

6. Consult a Doctor
If you have been trying for over 9 months and still unable to conceive, consulting your gynecologist to evaluate the cause of your irregular cycles. Along with that, your doctor will also check for other abnormalities in ovulation or hormonal imbalance. It is always best to consult a doctor for the right treatment.

It is integral to understand that having an irregular menstrual cycle is common. You, however, need to take some extra measures if you are looking to conceive. No matter how daunting this is, there are always the aforementioned solutions that can be diligently followed to overcome it and better your chances of conceiving. After all, we certainly believe that nothing is impossible!

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Written by Josephine Joseph
On November 28, 2017