We are here to revolutionise medical diagnosis

Inito is a medical technology startup based out of Bangalore, India. With relentless passion and technological acumen, we are developing remarkably smart medical devices that are not just accurate and reliable but also convenient and user-friendly. Our aim is to make your life easier when it comes to medical tests.

In today’s age healthcare has taken a whole new meaning. With our lives becoming busier than ever, many of us are time starved to take care of our health. Lifestyle diseases have become the order of the day. Unless we monitor our health issues, they may skyrocket impacting our vitality. Unfortunately, existing medical devices are built to track only one condition each and they do not offer any data tracking and analytics to help you keep a tab on your health. We are often dependent on diagnostic clinics for tests which is not just expensive, but also inconvenient.

Inito is here to change this. Our smart phone connected platform allows you to test for a wide range health conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol levels, hormonal changes, Vitamin levels, infections and STDs on a single device. The intelligently designed app analyses and tracks the values to help you achieve your health goals without making frequent inconvenient trips to the clinic. Our platform is powered by our patent pending technology that allows us to read any kind of test strip on a device as small as a Glucometer.

We have launched Inito with Ovulation Tracking, the first one in our suite of tests. Our platform has the potential to carry out 30 different tests in a single device.

As a testimony to our work we have won 3 design awards - CII Design Award, India Design Mark and the prestigious Japanese Good Design Award.

Different tests
on a single device
Pending patents
Design Awards

We are young, dynamic and obsessively driven by a desire to innovate.

Inito is a passionate bunch of people aiming to build a global consumer medical device brand from India. Our Team consists of Engineers, Scientists & Doctors with past experience at IIT's, Siemens, NASA, Narayana Healthcare and Samsung. We not just work hard to build extremely sophisticated devices, but have a ton of fun along the way. If you want to take the healthcare industry upside down, come join us.

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