Inito Starter Kit

Includes Inito Fertility Monitor + 15 Test Strips
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Your very own fertility lab that measures actual values of Estrogen and LH to predict your fertile days, Progesterone metabolite PdG to confirm ovulation and FSH to track your follicle growth.

What's inside:
  • Inito Fertility Monitor (compatible with Iphone 7 and up)
  • iPhone Attachment Clip
  • 15 Test Strips
  • Inito App (free download on the App Store)

$159 $149
Ships within 24-48 hours
Ships in 24-48 hours
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Pregnant first try!
I have PCOS with cycles ranging from 33-52 days. My husband and I had been trying for 1.5 years, even trying Letrozole and trigger shots for ovulation, which proved to be unsuccessful three times. Insurance only covers four rounds, so we decided to buy the Inito monitor and try on our own. It worked the very first cycle! I didn’t even use Preseed, legs in the air, or any of the other “tricks” we had tried in the past. So happy :) I also used Inito the same day I had blood work done and the results were almost identical so it is definitely accurate!If you also have PCOS/unpredictable cycles, I’d recommend ordering another pack of tests as soon as you receive the kit and can order through the app.The one downside was that they sent the wrong size phone attachment the first time which made me miss my testing window the first cycle that we had wanted to use it. However, customer service is great and they did send a new one which I used the following cycle.
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After using paper strips - this device takes the cake
Yes, I spent the money, but this things accurate. It gave me piece of mind. Using The paper strips, I realized I had my window off by a week, which is NOT good so I bought this. It does take a few minutes to process, and you can’t use your phone during that time, but I feel more confident with how sensitive it is. I think it’s a must buy for anyone Trying to get pregnant.
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Really works
Inito was so easy to use and gave me so much more insight into my fertility cycle than temperature alone. I felt in control during a very out of control time and successfully conceived the very first month I added Inito to my tracking routine.
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Knowledge is power
Trying to conceive or not, knowing your hormone levels is such a game changer on how you can improve your day and honor your body that day or phase in your cycleUPDATE:My first full month using this device and I am now pregnant!
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Really great tool!
Inito is easy to use and gives very clear results. It’s given me invaluable insights to my hormone levels and this what is going on in my body each cycle. I originally purchased the monitor and strips to determine if I was ovulating after coming off several years of continuous birth control (not getting periods), and later to help get pregnant.They also offer a lot of information on why your chart looks the way it does. There is also a community build within this for extra support. Love it!
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PCOS and pregnant!
I just cannot believe after 2 years of TTC we are pregnant. I just want to thank the Inito family for getting me through some tough times and for the amazing tracking you provide with all the data. I was able to bring months of my charts to my doctor who then could see very quickly I was not successfully ovulating each month. I had NO idea. Thanks to the data it provided, I was able to get some fertility help with ovulation meds and after a few rounds, it was successful. I am so happy I decided to purchase the inito. If anyone is also questioning, it, all I can say is WORTH IT!
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Never skip a test day

Buy test strip refills on the Inito app

  • Contains refill pack of 15 strips to use with the Inito Fertility Monitor
  • Measures Progesterone metabolite PdG to confirm ovulation while testing Estrogen & LH to predict your most fertile days to conceive, and FSH to track your follicle growth

$49 Pack of 15 Test Strips

Why Inito?

  • Identifies 6 fertile days in your cycle by measuring Estrogen & Luteinizing Hormone levels (3x more than ovulation kits)
  • Accurate PdG detection confirms ovulation
  • Identifies unique hormone levels in both regular and irregular cycles and shares accurate results
  • Reminds you when to test based on individualized hormone variations

Inito vs Others


Ovulation Kit Ovulation Tests


Personalizes results as per your body

Uses a set value or a threshold

Hormones Measured

Estrogen, LH, PdG, FSH

Only LH

Advanced LH tracking

Measures Beta LH that doesn’t cross-react

Measures Alpha LH which cross reacts

Predicts & Confirms Ovulation

Personalized Hormone Charts

Result Type

Actual numerical values

Only Yes or No

Full Fertile Window

6 Fertile days

2 Fertile Days

Works for Irregular Cycles

Daily Reminders From App

HSA/FSA Eligible

1. Inito measures PdG, a metabolite of progesterone. Progesterone & PdG are proven to be correlated. Roos J, Johnson S, Weddell S, et al. Monitoring the menstrual cycle: Comparison of urinary and serum reproductive hormones referenced to true ovulation. Eur J Contracept Reprod Heal Care 2015