Inito Starter Kit

Includes Inito Fertility Monitor + 15 Test Strips
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Your very own fertility lab that measures actual values of Estrogen and LH to predict your fertile days, Progesterone (PdG1) to confirm ovulation and FSH to track your follicle growth.

What's inside:
  • Inito Fertility Monitor (compatible with Iphone 7 and up)
  • iPhone Attachment Clip
  • 15 Test Strips
  • Inito App (free download on the App Store)

Ships within 24-48 hours
Ships in 24-48 hours
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Great Customer Service
The product, app and customer service is sooo easy to use and extremely helpful. I accidentally ordered the wrong size attachment and they answered the phone and my email immediately. They even helped upload my results manually within an hour of sending the email. Highly recommend this company
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This is going to be a game changer for TTC
 I’m so excited about the Inito Fertility Monitor! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly 6 years. Two years ago, we finally got all the proper testing. But the problem is that my hormone levels are rarely where they need to be. Typically, I could only test LH at home. The rest If have to go into the doctor for.Now, I can test my estrogen, LH, FSH, and progesterone - all from home. This means no guessing as to when I’m the most fertile. It even tells you when you have high fertility or low fertility days. By using this fertility device, it also means saving on the doctors’ visits!As far as the actually device is concerned, it’s super easy to use. When you order, you’ll get the device (pictured) that has a phone clip attached. Mine arrived quickly. The size phone you have determines the clip size. You’ll need to download a free app and scan the QR code to get started. Once you register, you can start charting your hormones.It’s best to take the test with morning urine, like it is with other fertility tests. They give you a cup to pee in. When you go to take the test, it walks you through what to do - step by step! It even has a timer you can use so you have the dip stick in the urine for the right amount of time which I really like. You will need to take your phone case off to use the clip. (I mean, they can’t account for all the different sizes of phone cases.) Once you connect the inito fertility device on your phone, you’ll get a check mark on the app (if you’re going through the testing steps) that then tells you to input the dipstick (only the plastic side). If it’s inserted properly, you’ll get a check mark again and then a timer will start.The first time, I had to put in the lot number for the fertility strips but only had to do that once. There is a count down that is usually about 600 seconds (it seems) and then a quick status bar after that.Since I’m impatient, the only thing I dislike is the waiting period for the results, but I’m that way with any urine testing things.Once the app has read the results (it uses the camera on your phone to look at the test strip), it’ll tell you if you are high or low fertility. If you go to the chart and click on that day, you can see the exact numbers. After a few days of testing, you can see the direction your hormones are going.You can also track your period and baby dances in the app. There’s a community on Facebook you can join. If you need more test strips, you can order more through the app.If you’re on the fence about buying this and are TTC, get it! It’s so worth it. I highly recommend!
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Great delivery experience
It was delivered before time and in good condition!!
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I used to use the Ava fertility watch, and I wasn't getting pregnant. I also didn't have signs of ovulation when my watch said ovulation was confirmed. A friend recommended the Inito monitor and it accurately confirmed ovulation. I was actually shocked by this because my Ava watch stated I have ovulated a week prior. When Inito confirmed ovulation I also had all the other symptoms of ovulation. I learned that the monitors like Ava or the apps like Natural Cycles can't confirm ovulation like they say they do since they don't test hormones. You need a rise in progesterone after the LH surge otherwise ovulation can't be confirmed. The inito app is very helpful because if you notice that your hormones aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing then you can take the chart to your doctor for extra help. Inito can also help you to realize if you are having anovulatory cycles. This monitor takes all the guess work out of it. Their Instagram page is also very informative. Another important thing to mention is that you don't have to test your hormones everyday, unless you want to. The app will tell you when you need to test and when you don't. The strips are costly, so it is nice to note that you don't have to test everyday. I also had to communicate with their customer service team and they did a wonderful job at helping me and responding promptly.
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Worked after two cycles
I don’t write product reviews, but in this instance I thought it would be important to share my experience. I’m 39 and was worried about my fertility and how long it would take to conceive. This product shows you if your hormones are doing what they are supposed to, and when your hormones are at the right levels for conception. We were using traditional ovulation predictors for a couple months and feeling unsure we were getting the timing right. Inito cleared up all the mystery and we got a positive pregnancy test after only two cycles of use.
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Better than traditional OPK
I purchased this monitor to figure out my ovulation patterns after 2 failed IUI’s. I discovered that my LH surge is a gradual onset and that we inseminated far too early. Now that we know which day I actually ovulate as it confirms my fertile window, I am hoping to be more succesful on my next IUI. I did have 1 “dud strip” out of the pack, but overall I like it. I just hate having to take my phone apart each morning to use it.
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Best Ovulation Tracker
I wish I had used this sooner. Don’t waste your money on other OPK tests. This system is more accurate and monitors 4 key hormones that effect ovulation. The other cheaper brands can not do this. It gives you a better insight on your body’s hormone fluctuations during a cycle and where any possible problems with conception could be coming from. It is worth the investment and can save you time on identifying fertility issues and help you get pregnant faster.
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Confirmed my Ovulation!!
Inito has given me peace of mind that my body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing during cycles!
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Received a used product. Super annoying and not sanitary.*****UPDATED******I originally rated 1 star because I received a used product. The company reached out and send me a brand new one very quickly. Great customer service!!!!!! That alone deserves 5 stars. So far this device has worked as described. The replacement test strips are very expensive which is a bummer. But the product works well and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.
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My husband and I were TTC for 3 months and we got pregnant the first month of using Inito! I started with the cheap LH/ovulation strips but my progression seemed to be off at times with that. I loved how Inito gives you the exact values so that you’re able to tell when your peak is more accurately. Also loves that it measures progesterone because I never really was able to get real spikes to confirm ovulation when I would take my basal body temp, but Inito was able to confirm by measuring my progesterone. Would highly recommend!
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Never skip a test day

Buy test strip refills on the Inito app

  • Contains refill pack of 15 strips to use with the Inito Fertility Monitor
  • Measures Progesterone (PdG1) to confirm ovulation while testing Estrogen & LH to predict your most fertile days to conceive, and FSH to track your follicle growth

$49 Pack of 15 Test Strips

Why Inito?

  • Identifies 6 fertile days in your cycle by measuring Estrogen & Luteinizing Hormone levels (3x more than ovulation kits)
  • Accurate Progesterone (PdG1) detection confirms ovulation
  • Identifies unique hormone levels in both regular and irregular cycles and shares accurate results
  • Reminds you when to test based on individualized hormone variations

Inito vs Others


Ovulation Kit Ovulation Tests


Personalizes results as per your body

Uses a set value or a threshold

Hormones Measured

Estrogen, LH, Progesterone (PdG1), FSH

Only LH

Advanced LH tracking

Measures Beta LH that doesn’t cross-react

Measures Alpha LH which cross reacts

Predicts & Confirms Ovulation

Personalized Hormone Charts

Result Type

Actual numerical values

Only Yes or No

Full Fertile Window

6 Fertile days

2 Fertile Days

Works for Irregular Cycles

Daily Reminders From App

HSA/FSA Eligible

1. Inito measures PdG, a metabolite of progesterone. Progesterone & PdG are proven to be correlated. Roos J, Johnson S, Weddell S, et al. Monitoring the menstrual cycle: Comparison of urinary and serum reproductive hormones referenced to true ovulation. Eur J Contracept Reprod Heal Care 2015