Inito Fertility Monitor | Track fertile days and also confirm if you Ovulate

Track your fertile days and confirm ovulation

Over 20,000+ couples have used Inito’s Fertility Monitor to conceive
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Traditional Ovulation Tests provide an incomplete picture

  • Traditional Ovulation Tests predict your fertile days, but don't tell you if you actually ovulate. In fact, up to 37% of cycles don't result in Ovulation.
  • Inito is the only ovulation test that measures Estrogen and Luteinizing Hormone levels to predict your fertile days, and Progesterone to confirm ovulation.
  • Let Inito give a full picture of your unique cycle, so you can stop worrying and get back to making love!
Chart Ovulation Cycle End Cycle Start Measures Progesterone Track Fertile Days Measures LH + Estrogen Confirm Ovulation Days 3 - 6 after Peak
  • Estrogen
  • Luteinizing Hormone
  • Progesterone

See what users are saying about Inito

We had been trying for a baby for more than 6 months. Inito told me when I was at my peak fertility and that was that! I was able to get accurate results in one month!

Darren C.

My wife and I have been trying for a baby for the last two years back. My wife was worried about going in for follicular scans. We checked out Inito. In 3 cycles, we got the good news!!! All in all, thank you Inito for coming into our life!

Stephen K.

As a doctor myself, I was a bit hesitant in buying this, but I wanted to track my ovulation cycle and decided to try Inito after reading positive reviews. Inito was extremely accurate, and I would like to recommend this to EVERY person looking to track the ovulation period.

Dr. Emily S.
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4 Clear Steps to Conception

1 Dip the test strip in urine for 15 seconds
2 Attach the Inito monitor to your phone
3 Insert the test strip into the monitor
4 Get personalised results on the App
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pregnant sooner

  • Identifies 6 fertile days in your cycle by measuring Estrogen & Luteinizing Hormone levels (3x more than ovulation kits)
  • Accurate Progesterone detection confirms ovulation
  • Customizes to your unique hormone levels so it can work with regular & irregular menstrual cycles
  • Reminds you when to test based on individualized hormone variations
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Trusted by Doctors

Right now, couples visit us to find out the best time to conceive. Inito helps the couple to reduce visits and make them feel less like patients.
Dr. Emanuel Gracias
Gracias Maternity Hospital
Its an excellent scientific way to start the roadway towards happy parenting as it helps you plan well with ease and it has a good success rate.
Dr. Lavanya Kiran
OBGYN, Narayana Hospitals
The rise of Estrogen and Luteinizing Hormone is one of the best predictors of ovulation in advance. Multiple studies have shown that tracking fertility by measuring these two hormones can almost double your chances of conception.
Dr. Sushmita
Bangalore Medical College
Home fertility tracking devices have usually been unreliable and difficult to use. Inito Fertility Monitor is not just accurate and reliable, but also very user friendly.
Dr. Sukesh Bhatia