Proven by research to increase chances of getting pregnant by upto 89%.

  • Identifies upto 6 fertile days
  • Works on both Android and iOS with the Inito App.
  • Clear Answers and Accurate Results
  • Works with regular as well as irregular cycles
  • Works for cycles between 21 to 45 days
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Includes Fertility Monitor & 10 Test Strips

Ships in 24-48 hours in India

Monitor with 10 strips Only Strips


  • Identifies up to 6 fertile days

    Inito Fertility Monitor reads urine test strips to measure two hormone levels - LH & Estrogen to identify all your High and Peak fertility days. Inito suggests upto 6 fertile days, 3 times more than any other ovulation kit.

  • Clear answers, accurate results

    Standard Ovulation Kits often give faded lines and confusing results especially when the levels of Lh are low. By measuring two hormones using a reader, Inito is not just more accurate and clear, but also works when you have low LH levels.

  • Understands irregular cycles

    Inito works well even when the cycles are not regular. It adapts to your body's hormone changes and adjusts its predictions according to the variations of your cycle.

  • Reminds when to take tests

    Inito sends you reminders to take the test based on your hormones level variations. You will not miss a test, no matter how busy you are!

  • Collect first urine in a clean container

  • Dip paper end of test strip for 15 secs

  • Attach reader to your phone & app

  • Insert the strip into the reader

  • Reference Accepted

    It's your first test of this cycle. You are not in your fertile window yet and the App has collected your base hormone levels for it to track your fertile days better.

  • Low Fertility

    You are not in fertile window yet. It's normal and keep taking tests when the App suggests to know when you are most fertile.

  • High Fertility

    The Estrogen hormone has started to rise and you are in your fertile window. Have sex every alternate day in the days of high fertility.

  • Peak Fertility

    You are expected to ovulate in the next 24-36 hours and this is the most fertile zone of your cycle. Have sex today to have the highest chances of conception.


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