Track your fertility hormones at home, in 10 minutes

Get accurate results of Estrogen, LH, PdG (urine metabolite of progesterone) and FSH with Inito, the all-in-one fertility monitor.

The only fertility kit you will ever need

Most ovulation tests predict your fertile days by tracking Estrogen and Luteinizing Hormone (LH), but fail to measure the hormone that actually confirms your ovulation: PdG (urine metabolite of progesterone).

What makes Inito different?

Inito is the only fertility monitor that measures all 4 hormones on a single test strip, showing you a full picture of your cycles with results unique to your body.


Predict and confirm your ovulation with actual data

Unlike most ovulation tests that only give you "yes/no" results, Inito provides real numerical values of your fertility hormones.

If you have irregular cycles, actual data is necessary to know exactly when you ovulate, and when is the best time to try to conceive.

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Never miss a day again with Inito

Inito tracks up to 6 fertile days and confirms ovulation by measuring all 4 hormones in just 10 minutes:

  • Estrogen, which rises 3-4 days before ovulation
  • LH, which surges 24-36 hours before ovulation
  • PdG, which rises after ovulation
  • FSH, to track follicle growth
Why measure the PdG? (urine metabolite of progesterone)?

Anovulation (having a menstrual cycle with no egg) is actually a common occurrence, affecting 1 in 10 women*.

If ovulation occurs, the levels of Progesterone and its urine metabolite PdG rise after a few days and stay elevated. Sustained, elevated PdG levels after peak fertility indicate a successful ovulation.

* Source: National Institutes of Health “Inito is all that you need to give you the best chance of conception."
Dr. Rachel Wagner MD

Why Inito is the smarter way to get pregnant

Get charts and actual values of your hormones

Most ovulation kits have a set value or a threshold, making them likely to give a false read if your hormones fall outside the average range.

Inito measures real values of your hormones to personalize results to the unique you.

Inito tracks everything so you don’t have to

The Inito Fertility Monitor comes with a free easy-to-use App, so you can track your fertile days with ease and know exactly when you ovulate.

Our App notifies you for everything:
  • Your fertility levels
  • When to test on the right days
  • When you’ve successfully ovulated
  • And when to roll into bed!
Get the Inito Kit

A fertility lab at your fingertips

Easy-to-read fertility diagnostic results directly on your iPhone*, in just 10 minutes.

Get the Inito kit
* The Inito Fertility Monitor currently supports iPhone 7 and up. Android phones are not supported at the moment.
1Dip the test strip in urine for 15 seconds.
2Attach the Inito Fertility Monitor to your iPhone*.
* The Inito Fertility Monitor currently supports iPhone 7 and up. Android phones are not supported at the moment.
3Insert the test strip into the Inito Fertility Monitor.
4Get personalized results on our App in 10 minutes.

I purchased this monitor to figure out my ovulation patterns after 2 failed IUI’s. I discovered that my LH surge is a gradual onset and that we inseminated far too early. Now that we know which day I actually ovulate as it confirms my fertile window, I am hoping to be more succesful on my next IUI. Highly recommend this if you are looking for guaranteed results!


I wish I had used this sooner. Don’t waste your money on other OPK tests. This system is more accurate and monitors 4 key hormones that effect ovulation. The other cheaper brands can not do this. It gives you a better insight on your body’s hormone fluctuations during a cycle and where any possible problems with conception could be coming from. It is worth the investment and can save you time on identifying fertility issues and help you get pregnant faster.


My husband and I were TTC for 3 months and we got pregnant the first month of using Inito! I started with the cheap LH/ovulation strips but my progression seemed to be off at times with that. I loved how Inito gives you the exact values so that you’re able to tell when your peak is more accurately. Also loves that it measures PdG because I never really was able to get real spikes to confirm ovulation when I would take my basal body temp, but Inito was able to confirm by measuring my PdG.


I have PCOS and have been on letrozole and using LH tests to time intercourse. I was hesitant to buy this because there are so many different things but I liked the added hormones it tracks. I just used it with my last cycle and it was so great! Showed me my estrogen rising so I knew I was in my fertile window two days before my LH rise. I just got the “confirmed ovulation” because my PdG increased. It’s so great to have a little more insight into what is going on!


This product is worth every penny!! I was using only LH strips to track my ovulation and we would “baby make” on each peak day and did not get pregnant. After receiving this device and trying it since it says it tests for estrogen and progesterone to CONFIRM ovulation - we got pregnant the first month trying! Apparently I was peaking a day before what the LH strips did not pick up and this device did because it saw my estrogen rise and my LH START to rise and said that was my peak.


Your topquestions, answered

1. Inito measures PdG, a metabolite of progesterone. Progesterone & PdG are proven to be correlated. Roos J, Johnson S, Weddell S, et al. Monitoring the menstrual cycle: Comparison of urinary and serum reproductive hormones referenced to true ovulation. Eur J Contracept Reprod Heal Care 2015

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